Helmet Flight Server

Helmet Flight Server

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1970s helmet flight server for holding a special decanter and up to four shot glasses. Helmet is styled after the Pickelhaube of Prussian Origin. A fun conversation piece over drinks or just a cool safe place for your night cap. 

My modern shot glasses don’t fit in the holes, however. You may need older/smaller shot glasses and a special small decanter to fit in here! 
I think it is missing a piece front and center - as there is just a hole. Otherwise great condition. 

11” tall x 8” • opening for decanter has a depth of 4” and a diameter of 3.5” and a circumference of 10.75” 

openings for shot glasses Have diameter of 1.25” and a circumference of 3.75” 

Let me know if I need to ship, I will send you an invoice for the cost depending on your location.