Thursday Happenings at GGV

Thanks for your interest in The Happening!

The Happening is best described as what it is NOT.  It is neither a performance nor a gig, and IT IS NOT AN OPEN MIC. The Happening is more casual in nature. A safe place where you can rehearse your music, performance, art -among friends who appreciate what you do. Teach someone a song or cover one of your favorites. In order to encourage conversation and interaction, we prefer minimal equipment and no microphones, if possible. 

While loosely defined, the Happening is carefully curated by Foster Wiley, but will feature different hosts, usually on a theme. 

If you are interested in hosting a Happening, please email

This week’s happening is hosted by Ernie Renn of @lrfab and the theme is Ol’ Timey music, so bring your instruments and favorite ol’ Timey tunes!