50s Silk 3 piece Opera Coat, Clutch & Heels

50s Silk 3 piece Opera Coat, Clutch & Heels

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Roses are blue!! Good lord, y'all - just look at this set! Never have I ever found anything like this, and I would never sell but the shoes don't fit and I wouldn't dare sell these separately. So, without greater ado, all me to present three matching silk pieces from the 50s.

Let's start with the opera coat. Cropped sleeves, fully lined in black, with one button at the neck for closure that also works to puff up and raise the collar. There are zero issues with the coat. It fits like a small but could work with any size bust as there is no closure over the bust, waist, or hips.
Measurements of the coat: 15" across back of shoulders, bust open, waist open, hips open, sleeves under arms to hems 11.5", circumference of opening for arms at shoulder 14", length shoulder to hem 39"

The body of the shoes are entirely covered with the same silk fabric as the coat and clutch. There are no tears in the fabric. The leather bottoms of the shoes show wear commensurate with their age, and while they could use new tips soon, the tips have steel reinforcing them, and will last forever. The labels on the insoles need to be re-glued, a very easy fix that I just haven't had time to tackle. The labels on the shoes read "Nagayama Shoes, Okinawa, Naha".
measurements of the shoes: insole 9.8", width at widest point/ball of foot 3" heel 2.75" - which I believe is a size 9 us.

The clutch unfortunately has spots on both the front and back, right in the center, see photos. I haven't tried to get them out, it's a possibility. It's a simple envelope construction, fully covered in the same silk fabric as the coat and heels. One snap button for closure, see photos to view inside. 11" wide, 5.5" tall, opens 5"

Materials: silk

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