Help Gibson Girl Vintage open a shop in Durham!

Help a female solopreneur's hard work & dreams come to fruition and donate to save her business! 

Dear Donors,
My business is my baby.  I have worked tirelessly for eight years to build and grow my vintage clothing and homewares business, but, as of today, it's at a make or break point.  After my recent separation from my partner (who owned our home), my options are to spill all of my savings into a living space, or put a deposit down on my dream space - a commercial space in Durham with an apartment in the back!    While I have the funds necessary to pay the first month's rent + deposit, I need your help with start up costs, for a sign, renovations, fresh paint, and the inevitable, unexpected costs associated with opening a brick and mortar!

Furthermore, your donations will be dual-purpose.  Not only do I need them for start-up costs, but they are also necessary to acquire the space in the first place, as I don't currently have sufficient funds to negotiate a lease, much less to persuade a property owner to let me sign on the dotted line. 

I applied for a commercial loan through my local credit union and a microloan company, but, despite my good credit and ability to repay it, I don't have the collateral, and have been denied, with no one able to cosign.  It took a lot of work to even get to the point where I was able to apply for a commercial loan as an existing business:  over two years of counting every penny spent and earned; schedule C's; meetings with mentors from the SBA; applications; supporting documents - all in vain to that end.

Meanwhile, I fear my dream space will be discovered by another business.  It's the perfect space for my purposes:  perfect location, perfect size, perfect price, and, as you know, a commercial/living space combo is a rarity.  So, I also fear that the opportunity will probably never present itself to me again.  I feel I've discovered it right in the nick of time. 

Finally, your support will mean that Durham will finally have a source for amazing vintage furniture and clothing!  As of right now, there are zero vintage furniture shops in Durham, and with twenty people moving to the city every day , and an exponentially growing market for used goods and eco-friendly retail, you could help meet that demand and bring about the first shop of its kind here.

Every donation of $250 or more will earn a one-time, in-store five-finger discount and every other donation, regardless of amount, will earn a friends & family discount for life, not to mention my love and awe in the face of your generosity and care.

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